Reasons why Education is not a hundred percent guarantee for success

Reason why education is not a hundred percent guarantee for success
Reason why education is not a hundred percent guarantee for success

Why education does not guarantee success

Education is not entirely the key to success and scholars need to know this way before they graduate. Parents, instructors, and society should stop deceiving and destroying immature people’s lives and futures with their false claims about what education is.

You need to go to academe, graduate, get a good paying job and also come someone big in the future ’ ’ You need to take your studies seriously or else your future is at stake ’ these and multitudinous other statements I heard being said by instructors whilst growing up.

First, we need to understand what type of education I am about in this terrain going to academe to acquire knowledge.

Utmost people are in academe not because they want to but because they have been told that presumably after getting through to the tertiary position they will get meaningful jobs to do also they have made it in life.

So, you find a child who is truly good at playing football sitting in a classroom with presumable others who have other dreams that need to be nurtured but are forced to go through the academe system because that is the order of the day.

I recently had a discourse with three high academe scholars I educate about academe life in general. In the middle of the discussion, they lamented about how their parents were forcing them to do one subject or another, all in the name of they have their swish interest at heart. Of course, that is what every parent wishes for their wards.

Unfortunately, therein lies a misconception; that going to academe, getting all the high marks, awards, and ultimately getting the Undergraduate degree and presumably Master’s degree is original to success in life or is a suggestion that one will be successful in life.

This whole education process is not only in academe. Besides what we get in academe is not the whole complete package. However, it’s each in vain, If you go on to get all these degrees yet warrant the correct station to apply it in life situations.

Unfortunately, important attention is not given to that. multitudinous people have an entrepreneurial spirit and may not be truly academically blessed yet are placed in the same order as those who are academically blessed and it’s concluded that the ultimate will not be successful in life.

I had an experience in high academe where a teacher used to predict that my mates who were not academically blessed will not succeed in life while those who were intelligent will succeed in life( which I differ).

Back also, people could just copy in tests and indeed examinations and score high marks. I indeed know of one mate of mine who I heard had access to test questions of all the classes at the high academe position, scored high marks in class( was noway 1st still) but how would you conclude that this automatically means such a person is destined for success?

First, there should be clarity in the fact that being successful in life does not mean erecting houses, having multitudinous motorcars, huge amount of capital in various bank accounts among others. speaking, that is the kind of success mainly perceived for us by our parents.

We are giving this direction most especially to African Society because they need to understand that success is relative. Being successful to me is maximizing your eventuality to the fullest and achieving set pretensions in life. And there is no way we can each have the same level of potential.

However, being successful is getting that fashion inventor and indeed exceeding my boundaries as a fashion inventor, If my end is to come to a fashion inventor. All the luxury life we want will automatically follow up.

Some parents, instructors, and society tend to be dream killers yet, in their mind’s eye they suppose they’re helping. When you are helping to make, you would not put your description of success or your pathway to success on people. Rather you will guide and encourage them.

We need to get to a point where it will be alright not to force someone to go through the academe system to earn an instrument to be a fulfilled person or denounce children who don’t get high marks in academe and ignorantly tell them they are a waste irrespective of the dreams that they want to pursue.

Like I told my scholars, know yourself well, and know what you want to come in life. Take note of what you have to do to get to your dreams and endeavor to make your guardian or parents understand the decision you have made, so you will be able to relax your mind concerning what you are doing most with the backup of your family.

I will also like to add that don’t let what someone said about you come into your hymn. Like I always say opinions are like tips, everyone has one. directly you imbibe their opinion, you start to feed it, also it comes to life. Don’t allow that!

Bill gates statement on success and education

The irony of all of this is, some people who support success will end up working for people who were considered failures. Like Bill Gates rightly put it ‘ I failed in some subjects in test, but my friend passed in all. Now, he is an architect at Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft ’.

This is not to say that those who are academically blessed will end up working under those who aren’t but the point is, success is relative. presumably, that architect being appertained to in this terrain wanted to be and he is but the problem will be if Bill Gates was judged predicated on failing some of his examinations and his friend will be the successful bone Who would have had the last laugh?

In summary, being ‘ successful ’ predicated on someone’s opinion or ideas is not success in itself but a consequence of oppression ’.

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