Why Handwriting should not be used to grade the students

Why Handwriting should not be used to grade the students

Why Scholars shouldn’t be graded on their handwriting

It’s extensively believed that scholars with good seductive handwriting are an ideal for those with bad clumsy handwriting and that redundant marks should be given for good handwriting.

But there are numerous who argue that giving redundant marks on this base will be unjust as real skill is much different from handwriting.

As the time progressed the jotting style changed as well. The new generation is hardly using pen and paper, rather, it’s using the computers to write, or I should say type.

But when it’s about taking notes in the class or writing examinations, it’s always the pen and paper which are preferred hence the handwriting of every existent is available for everyone to see.

The conflict arises when people start comparing or indeed criticizing an existent on the base of handwriting.

This comparison and preceding review have led to the debate on whether handwriting should be considered a criterion to judge any pupil.

Handwriting should be a criterion

Handwriting is a beautiful art. It isn’t only about putting letters on paper but it also indicates how systematized and regular the person is.

Good handwriting is important indeed in this period of computer typing and talking jotting tools. We should start fastening on handwriting from an early age itself; say 4 or 5 times( Preschool and Kindergarten).

It’ll help the youthful hands to gather control of their motor chops and also concoct their unique jotting styles which will develop as they grow up therefore adding to their personalities.

When we write, it creates an unnoticeable yet veritably strong connection between the brain and content, therefore giving us a much better and violent understanding of the matter.

A good handwriting always attracts attention and appreciation, and subconsciously helps in studies as well.

Numerous types of exploration have shown that there’s a formative association between good handwriting and better academic performances.

Scientists have attributed this miracle to the fact that writing using pen and paper enhances memory hence adding up to the remembrance which is vital at the time of tests and examinations.

The impact of handwritten notes is beyond words, be it a greeting card or a letter, nothing can replace the charm of written letters.

And when we write we’re more devoted and focused which lets us be as clear cut and easy as possible.

It isn’t possible to always carry a PC with us to every place we go and take down notes, figures, data, numbers etc. and in a situation like this, a fund tablet and pen are veritably helpful.

If we inculcate the habit of good handwriting beforehand in our lives also it’ll profit us way beyond our pupil lives right over to the professional lives.

So if the scholars are given a many redundant marks or grades for their exceptional handwriting it’ll only give them with an advantage in the long run.

Handwriting shouldn’t be a criterion Every person is born unique and has an independent identity so it’ll not be reasonable to judge all the people, especially scholars on the base on just one factor, handwriting!

No mistrustfulness that anyone who has a good seductive handwriting is appreciated and liked by peers and preceptors but that doesn’t mean that the scholars who don’t retain this quality should be sidelined or mocked at.

It isn’t our fault if we do n’t have ‘ great ’ handwriting but we’re made to feel bad about it. Indeed our preceptors, musketeers, and parents want us to ameliorate and write like someone differently.

Bad handwriting does bring with it its own disadvantages and is veritably important likely to cut our marks and grades.

If I’ve a bad handwriting and I write a test and my schoolteacher isn’t suitable to read it duly also clearly I’ll get veritably smaller figures but it isn’t fair.

It’s veritably important possible that if type the answers or say them verbally I’ll secure full marks.

There are veritably many people who are left- handers and they find it veritably delicate to acclimate to everyday life because every outfit in the world is made according to the convenience of right- handers, just like divisions in class.

It’s so delicate for left- handers to use the support which is on the right side and write duly.

Numerous times, utmost talented scholars have a lot of studies contending through their minds that they write veritably snappily performing in bad handwriting.

What they’ve written might be commodity veritably special, original, and innovative. They should be encouraged and appreciated rather than being scarfed.

If some pupil has a medical condition that hampers their jotting also how will you pass judgements on them? If they can’t hold the pen forcefully also how can they write in a good way?

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